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Product Overview

Nox3 Beets motivates wellness through the most potent beet extract we have found after a nine-year search! It is formulated to give you a robust 100mg standardized dose of naturally occurring nitrates per serving. Nox3 Beets has xylitol and fermented beet to ensure support for a healthy mouth microbiome. With this unique and delicious delivery system you can take it everywhere you go to support your circulatory wellness, cellular energy, and nitric oxide production. 

Nox3 Beets:


  • Most potent nitrate-rich beetroot extract
  • Contains the same nitrate value as one whole beet
  • Ingredients for healthy mouth microbiome
  • Supports the entire complex nitrate/nitrite nitric oxide pathway
  • Convenient lozenge delivery system you can take “on-the-go”
  • Delicious natural dark cherry flavor
  • Sugar-free and no artificial ingredients
  • Use for an energy boost, pre and post work out and for therapeutic health benefits

Nox3 Beets is the Ultimate Nitric Oxide Lozenge Nature's answer to keeping our Nitric Oxide (NO) levels up as we age is through fruits and vegetables that are high in naturally occurring *nitrates. Nox3 Beets uses a special NON-GMO beetroot powder that is particularly high in naturally occurring nitrates. Our proprietary blend makes it easy for your body to convert these nutrients into life-sustaining nitric oxide!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review